Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Geometric Tiles The Interior Design Trend For 2016

One interesting trend in interior design is the way that geometric tiles are predicted to be big news in 2016. 

This chic contemporary kitchen shows what can be achieved with some crisp geometric tiling. The cool whites, soft blues and calming greys are gathered in a stylish and striking design that augments the curved furniture and pleasing wood tones to create the perfect Scandinavian dining area. 

But it doesn’t have to be an entire wall that can benefit from the geometric chic. This wonderfully colourful kitchen nook positively bursts with a lively and carefree angular collection of colours that contrasts perfectly with the stark and sober decor.

If you’ve got a favourite piece of furniture, such as this sharp and modernist sofa, then you can match the colour palette with some geometric floor tiling to dramatic effect as illustrated in this sharp and stylish homage to one of Pantone’s colours of 2016 - the dusky and bewitching rose quartz. 

But one of the best things about using geometric tiling in the home is the way that it can effortlessly create an abstract feel as shown by the clever use of ochre, grey and black tiles in an otherwise crisp white bathroom area.

Whereas this collection of mesmerising geometric shapes shows the fun that can had in gathering a contrasting selection of shapes and motifs that certainly livens up the sober and austere bathroom.

Keeping the colour palette relatively simple with stark blacks and whites can grant you an extra level of creativity when putting together your geometric tile design - as perfectly illustrated by this striking staircase! 

And this bathroom works on a similar theory. The blacks of the shower fittings and the clean white walls are wonderfully brought out by the sharp and attractive monochrome tile flooring that adds just the right amount of fun to really bring the bathroom up to date. 

Although tiles are a more common feature of our bathrooms and kitchens, they can still form a pleasing backdrop in other areas of the house. This is particularly well-documented in this living room that uses an eye-catching geometric wall pattern to provide a modernist relief to the chic mid-century modern floor lamp and comforting use of soft furnishings.

And what better way to create a memorable impression on your house-guest than by this amazing geometric tiled hallway that uses a simple but striking cube motif to provide a grand entrance. 

But above all, geometric tiling often works best when it’s used simply. This deceptively simple design provides just enough interest to catch the eye, and creates an aesthetic that is chic, stylish and endlessly appealing.

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