Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Celebrating Kusmi Tea

Just about everybody appreciates a well-earned cup of tea to pick them up during the course of the day. But sometimes, we may feel the need to indulge ourselves a little more. In which case, investigating the exquisite charms of the deeply deluxe Kusmi Tea is an excellent idea.

Much as the shabby-chic revolution of recent years brought an upsurge in tea parties and cupcake sales, there’s also been a trend for people to start getting serious about tea. Whereas coffee culture has been with us for some time, now it’s the turn of boutique tea brands like Kusmi Tea to grab the headlines.

Although Kusmi Tea are based in Paris, France, the company celebrates its deeply Russian origins of the mid-19th century teahouses of St Petersburg. Upon the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, the Kusmi founder fled to Paris to continue his expertise in creating the finest blends of Chinese, Ceylon and Indian teas. 

The key to the success of Kusmi Teas is the fact that they use only the best ingredients to create an evocative and bewitching taste. 

And as befits such as boutique tea brand, there are dozens of carefully concocted tea blends for tea aficionados to sample. From celebrated favourites such as the evocatively-named Prince Vladimir blend, to the soft and comforting bourbon vanilla variety, there’s something for every taste. 

Kusmi Tea not only excels in its range of black teas, as there is also an exceptional range of green teas with subtle rose and jasmine variations that prove that it’s not just the health benefits of green tea that keep people coming back.

For anybody who may have indulged over the festive period, the boutique tea company have also devised their stimulating Detox tea that provides the perfect pick-me-up to beat the winter blues. 

Kusmi Teas are often sold as loose teas in these chic and stylish tins. In order to get the perfect cup of tea, then simply put a spoonful of your chosen blend in a tea infuser, pour in some boiling water, let it sit for a few minutes and enjoy the rich and aromatic taste.

However, for the tea enthusiast on-the-go, it’s important to remember that Kusmi Tea is available as separately packed teabags too.

Although you’re not likely to find Kusmi Teas in your local supermarket, they are becoming much easier to get hold of. As well as their excellent online shop, there’s a growing number of specialist retailers such as Amsterdam's Het Hanze Huis that provide a suitably-chic home for this delicious and historic brand. 

One of the best things about Kusmi Tea is their colourful and stylish aesthetic that would look well at home on just about any kitchen shelf. 

And with a growing army of celebrity fans such as Jean Paul Gaultier rushing to be associated with this iconic brand, it looks like the legend of Kusmi Tea will continue to grow throughout the years!

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