Monday, 30 November 2015

Neon neon everywhere

One exciting trend that has really captured the imagination of many interior designers is the use of neon. By using neon lighting to create a range of fun shapes and phrases, it allows us a great new way to liven up our interiors.

Neon is an inert gas that turns bright orangey-red when charged with electricity. Although it was discovered in 1898, it wasn't until the 1920s that it became widely used to advertise car dealerships in Los Angeles and even the famous casino signs of Las Vegas.

Although neon's most conventional use lies in advertising businesses in the night hours, the glamorous and slightly seedy appeal of neon can be used to give any interior a sense of drama and danger.

Despite neon being commonly associated with the 1980s and the USA, recent on-trend uses of neon have been a little more inventive. Whether it's using neon to advertise a life philosophy, or even just to add a little life to a dark corner of your home, neon in 2015 is all about individuality.

The trend of using neon to spell out wry catchphrases and mottos is something that has been huge in recent years. There are now many neon sign makers in the UK who can provide a little custom illumination, no matter how outlandish the design!

And by using a succinct phrase with the perfect font in a unique setting, it can provide a fun commentary on you and your way of living. The neon typography trend is something that is definitely never short of something to say.

The neon trend has been such a hit in interiors that even high street stores such as New Look now feature neon products – although they don't offer quite the same amount of customisation as your own bespoke neon designer!

And finally, neon can even be used to add a little feline company for your home, complete with a cutely-unravelled ball of string!

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